"...with an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain was he!"

Missing Footage

Due to severe film deterioration, about 5 minutes of the season one episode, "My Brother's Keeper," was beyond restoring and was omitted from the Season 1 DVD release.  Note that a better copy was located in 2007, and the restored scene is included in the Special Features section of the Season 5 DVD release.

Here is the text from that missing scene, which takes place in the last 10 minutes of the episode:




At water's edge, Daniel fills a hollow strip of elm bark with water, then moves back through the trees away from the water.


His upper torso wrapped in elm bark and bound with hide thongs, washed and cleaned back to a semblance of a human being, Mingo lies on a leaf pallet opposite a small fire, over which a rabbit roasts on a stake. Eyes closed, breathing evenly, Mingo apparently is unconscious. Daniel enters the scene. He moves to the fire, puts the crude water container down opposite Mingo. As he does, Mingo speaks, his eyes still closed.

MINGO: When an -- Indian moves that quietly -- he's usually looking for one thing --

He opens his eyes, looks full at Daniel.

MINGO: (continues; quietly) -- an enemy's scalp.

Daniel settles back opposite fire and Mingo, plays along with the words of their meeting earlier.

DANIEL: Not bein' Indian, I ain't much interested in scalps.

MINGO: Yet you came after mine.

Daniel turns, pulls the rabbit away from the flames. Still avoiding the issue, still playing back on their casual meeting earlier.

DANIEL: This rabbit won't make a banquet, but at least it's filling.

MINGO: Daniel...(as Daniel looks up) You didn't kill me. Why?

Daniel drops the light tone, turns back to Mingo.

DANIEL: Wasn't much left to bother with, for one thing. (pauses) For another, I'm just curious enough to wonder who like to skinned you alive, then hung you out to dry. (then, quietly) Answers, Mingo. When I have them all -- then I might kill you.

Mingo looks at Daniel, smiles in spite of himself.

MINGO: Daniel, you're like a great granite boulder, rolling down a mountain. Nothing can stop you -- not even the mountain itself.

DANIEL: Answers, Mingo.

MINGO: There is only one. I am my brother's keeper. Not you, not the Cherokee. Only me.

DANIEL: (reacts) Your brother?

Mingo settles back, looks up into the stars.

MINGO: A face from the grave, a memory, a ghost with vengeance as his shroud. (pause) My brother.

A long time ago, Daniel, a Cherokee princess had a son. A Creek son they called TaraMingo. That Princess later married an English officer, and another son was born. He was called CaraMingo. Creek, Cherokee, and English -- a fusion of three alien cultures, but to the two Mingos, blood was only for bleeding. They were brothers in every sense except one -- ambition. TaraMingo lived only to be a great warrior, and a great chief.

Daniel is listening.

To him, honor was a word, and loyalty no more than ashes in a dead fire. He bribed, he cheated, he killed -- and finally, he was exiled from Cherokee fires.

Mingo hesitates, then shakes his head as he goes on.

But he came back -- with a Creek war party. There was a battle, there was victory and defeat. But for us, it was brother against brother. No victory, no defeat -- just a shallow grave on the bank of the Kentucky.

Mingo turns to Daniel.

I shot him, Daniel, and I buried him. But he lived -- and came back to bury me. Not as a warrior. Not even as an enemy. But as a brother.